Monday, May 21, 2007


Title: Mindfields-2204 and Mindfields 2 - The Russian Tundra
Author: GameSheep
License: Freeware

Mindfields 1, called Mindfields-2204, and its sequal Mindfields 2- The Russian Tundra are two fun albeit short SWF games. Both can played within a browser or downloaded and played within a SWF player.

The object of both games is to successfully guide your tank to the exit, the yellow circle. Each level comes with several tool tiles which you place on the board. Once the "start engine" button is pressed, the tank proceeds forward until it hits a wall, rolls into water, gets hit by turret, makes it to the exit tile, or is redirected by one of tool tiles. Those tool tiles are the key to the game. The arrow tiles cause the tank to change to that direction. There are two fire tiles. One causes the tank to fire projectiles in all four directions; the other causes the tank to fire forward only. These projectiles destroy opposing turrets and clear the path. There are also teleporter tiles and shield tiles that protects the tank for three steps.

Some levels such this first level come with some tiles already sprinkled about.

This level also has one four-way fire tile and a pair of teleporter tiles. Here is a placement of these tiles which solves the level.

The tank starts heading left and takes out the bunker when it passes over the four-way tile. Then it turns around at the arrow and destroys the turret on its second pass over the four-way. Finally, the teleporter gets the tank home. A trickier first level than in most games.

Both games comes with only 18 levels. There are some tricky levels, but most are pretty easy. Keeping an eye out for sneaky use of the diagonals, you should complete the levels in short order. I wish there was a level editor.

Other flaws? You have to complete the levels in order. There are passwords to remember. If you fail, all of the tiles are reset and have to be replaced. There is a little trial and error in figuring out which teleporter leads to the next. There is one level with the annoying "X" tile. The tank stops on it and you have to "start engine" again at just the right time to pass through a toggling force field.

There is some scoring system, but it did not make any sense to me. On the solution above, the score is 820. The clearly inferior solution below, with a longer path, yields a score of 1002.

So, I stopped trying to maximize my score and just finished off the 18 levels.

Both are fun games and I encourage everyone to give them a play. If you enjoy mindfields, I would suggest you play my own Puzzle Bunnies (version 0.4 has 72 levels).


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