Monday, March 19, 2007


Title: Linx
Author: Maurice Zarzycki
License: Freeware

A quick one this week. The goal of each Linx level is to connect all of the similar colored bases with paths of their color. Left click on a base to select that color. Then left click on the grid to place a path of that color. Right click to delete a path. Each level has a limit on the number paths which can be placed.

Paths of different colors cannot cross. To make all the connections, paths often have to routed around in odd ways to leave access for paths of other colors. A little topological thinking goes a long way in this game. There is one odd rule. If there is only one base of a given color, you have to form a loop connecting that base to itself.

Linx contains only 40 levels. Most levels are pretty easy. You can shoot through them in a couple of hours. There are about ten tricky levels. There is a level editor, and 15 additional levels are available.

The read me file claims, "Linx is an unique logical game." Not true. There is a shockwave game called HyperFrame which is very similar.


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