Friday, February 17, 2006

Puzzle Bunnies

Name: Puzzle Bunnies
Author: Jimmy
License: GNU Public License
Website: None

I just released a beta version of my entry to the Contest Caiman Easter 2006. So, if you have ever felt that I gave your favorite game a bad time, now is your time for revenge. My entry is called Puzzle Bunnies. It is an amazing, wonderful, and thoughtful puzzle game in which the graphics are ... primitive, the interface is ... clunky, and the sound is ... nonexistent. Um, I did say it is a beta, didn't I?

The objective of a Puzzle Bunnies level is to safely guide each of the bunnies to a rabbit hole, along the way picking up all of the Easter eggs. You also have to avoid bad things like water, wolves, and hawks.

The bunnies will normally just march straight ahead. To guide them, you get to place tools on the board. The arrow tool causes bunnies to change direction to that of the arrow. The rotate tool causes bunnies to rotate 90 degrees. You can choose either rotate left or rotate right. Finally, the hop tool (that is supposed to be a pogo stick, but one friend called it a syringe) causes bunnies to hop over the next object, if allowed. You have to carefully place the tools to collect all the eggs and make it home safe and sound.

There is one more thing which you have control over: the turn rules for the bunnies. When a bunny runs into a mountain it turns. You get to set each bunny's turn rule: either turn right, turn left, or u-turn. Once you place your tools and set the turn rules for the bunnies, hit go and see if everything works out as you expected.

There is a twist which make the game a little more interesting. Most games like this are played on the surface of a torus. Meaning that if you go off the top, you come back on the bottom in the same column and vice-versa. And if you go off the left or the right side, you come back on the other side in the same row. I decided to mix things up a bit and have Puzzle Bunnies be played on the surface of a Klein bottle. The top and bottom work the same, but when you exit on the left or right, you come back on the other side in a different row. The mapping is shown with the letters A to P on the board.

There are only 50 levels. I plan on increasing that a bit in the final 1.0 release, along with animation, sound, etc. I have also released a level editor. If you want to help me out a bit with levels, I would appreciated it. You can get a copy of the game at Camain Free Games and see want other people are saying about Puzzle Bunnies. I have also uploaded a copy to FileFactory. And you can always email me with a request.

There are several other similar games out there. The inspiration for Puzzle Bunnies came from Puzzled Sheep. This is a web based game. While coding up Puzzle Bunnies, I ran across two other similar games: Driver's Dilemma and RoboMen.

I hope you enjoy playing Puzzle Bunnies. I will keep you informed when version 1.0 is available.


At 1:44 PM, Blogger Jimmy said...

I recently played through Driver's Dilemma and discovered that it contains in game advertizement. Way more than is acceptable. I sorry I that linked to it here.

-- Jimmy


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