Saturday, March 31, 2007

Browser Games 6

I doubt there is anyone out there who reads my blog, but does not know about jay is games, one of the best gaming blogs around. Just in case, I want to mention three browser based puzzle games which I learned about from jay is. All three can be played inside your browser. Each is original and tougher than average.


The goal is to link all of the diamonds as I have just done in the above screen shot. The problem is that each diamond starts out sized 1x1. When you click on a diamond, it expands to the next size. However, once two or more diamonds become linked, they cannot be expanded any further. One last restriction, you cannot expand any particular diamond twice in a row. As the its name suggests, some careful PLANning is necessary. You can download PLANned from ArcadeTown and play off-line if you prefer.


When you hit the go triangle, the first ball starts rotating. Then in some crazy version of Newton's cradle, when one ball hits another, it stops rotating the new one starts. The one thing you control is the length of the arms. The goal to have a ball pass over each of the way points (20 in this first level) in order. But, you do not know exactly where the way points are, just their direction from the previous one. It requires some trial and error. Notice the handy stop square. A new version Clack2 played on squares instead circles is available, but I did not like it as much.

Rings and Sticks

The last one is an interesting game where you have to grow a tree so that so that a limb passes through each ring. At the bottom are moves, extend, split 45 degrees, split 90 degrees, extend left only, extend right only. In the screen shot, one more extend will finish it off. The numbers indicated how many of each move are left. Some levels contain additional obstacles like the red bomb things. This game could really use an undo one move button. If you mess up, you have to start over. Check out Komix Games website for more browser games.


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