Sunday, May 13, 2007

Swistakowy Klopot 2

Title: Swistakowy Klopot 2
Author: Projeckt Siedem
License: Freeware

As I have said many times, puzzle games are all about the puzzles. Good puzzles make for a good game. Bad puzzles make for a bad game. The great puzzles in Swistakowy Klopot 2 makes for a great game. The level design here is phenomenal. Many of the levels seem impossible at first. After some thought, a spark of insight comes along. At times, it seems as though the level designers are toying with you. They include an extra item about to lead you down the wrong path. Do not take my word for it. Even though SK2 has only been out for about a month or two, the Caiman Games help forum is already 5 pages long.

Swistakowy Klopot 2 is the worthy successor to the original. You control the little badger-looking guy. Your goal is to safely guide him to the exit. The main constraint is that he can only step up one level at a time. So, to get around, you have to move the crates to create staircases. You can carry one crate at a time. Pick 'em up, drop 'em elsewhere. The little guy cannot swim. The crates also make nice bridges when dropped in the water.

There are a couple of other items. Teleporters are one; warp from one to the other. Keep in mind that you can carry a box through a teleporter. This move is often useful. There are doors and corresponding colored triggers. Drop a box on a trigger and the door opens. There are a couple of new features in SK2. One new item is fires. You cannot walk into a fire, but you can drop a box on it. The other new feature is floors that can only be walked on once or twice.

The heart of Swistakowy Klopot 2 is the levels. With these simple rules, the level designers came up with 50 wonderful, tricky levels. They force you to use the various items in new ways. Your thinking is constantly being pushed and stretched. Oh, when you get trapped on a level, hit the ESC key and use the arrow key to rotate between "Resume", "Restart", and "Menu". Actually, I could not figure this out on my own and emailed the authors knowing that there must be some way to restart a level. They quickly responded. It is good sign when people support their game, even a freeware game. I hope everyone reading this, plays SK2.

As with any game, SK2 is not perfect. The music is a little annoying, but it can be turned off with with the "M" key. You are supposed to play the levels in order, and there are passwords to remember or write down. However, all of the passwords available at the Projeckt Siedem site in case you get stuck and want to move on. The controls take a little getting used to. My last complaint, since they used the free version of the Games Factory, there is a splash screen when exiting.


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