Friday, January 19, 2007

Smart Games 2

Title: Smart Games - Challenge 2
Author: Smart Games, Inc
License: Commercial

Next up on my list of compilation games is Smart Games 2, a puzzle gaming classic which came out in 1998 (give or take). It is a diverse and original collection of 15 games, each with about 35 puzzles or levels. It is a mix of game types. There are some straight logic games. Then, there are word and trivial games. Plenty to keep you busy. Details for two of the more interesting games are given below.

You can play any puzzle from any of the games at any time, which I really like. Smart Games 2 records your progress. And, your progress is also converted it to an overall score for household bragging rights.

Smart Games 2 can still be purchased. It runs on a Windows XP computer, but I found the mouse movements a little jerky at times. Also, it maxes out the processor which makes this a poor choice for a laptop.


Simple enough: use the different pipe pieces on the left to connect the water spigot with the red valve to the each of the devices needing water. The requirements differ from level to level. On some levels, the goal is to use a few pipes as possible; on others, you have to use all of the pipes. Some levels contain leaky pipes which can be used but lower your score. There are several levels where you can beat their "best" score.

Say What

You have to place the sound bits in the correct order to form a famous saying or a sample from a well known song. Many of the songs are from classical music. This probably says more me than anything, but I found this game quite difficult, but at the same time fun. As an added twist, some the sound bits are backwards.


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