Sunday, February 18, 2007

No Friction

Title: No Friction
Author: Daniel Remar
License: Freeware

A quick one this week. In No Friction, you control the large blue ball. You have to collect all the small green balls and make your way to the exit. The constraint is that once you send the ball in motion, it keeps moving until it hits a wall. Thus, the title of the game.

You also have to avoid the traps. The gray traps are fixed. The red traps move back and forth, but timing is not really an issue. One more thing, some of the walls are breakable. Once you hit one, it breaks and disappears. That is all there is to the game.

No Friction has only 20 levels, and they are not too hard. At each move, you have at most four options and many of them can be quickly eliminated. This is a fun little game which you can play in a few sittings.

There is something about about simple little games like No Friction which I really like despite their obvious faults. It guess it is the indie thing. My only real complaint is that I could not turn off the music.


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