Saturday, July 01, 2006

MailRoom Madness

Name: MailRoom Madness
Author: Reasonable Games
License: Freeware

MailRoom Madness is a fun simple platform puzzler. This simplicity is its beauty. There are just ten items in the game. It takes only a few minutes to learn all of its intricacies. That isn't to say MailRoom Madness is easy. The quality and variety of the levels make this a great game.

The goal of each level is to collect all of the mail. Supposedly, some disgruntled postal employee spread them about for you to collect. To gain access to these letters, you have to use the various items. The first set of items is the boxes: normal, fragile, and empty. These boxes can be picked up and moved about allowing you to build staircases and bridges.

Next, there are elevators. You can warp up or down to other elevators. One interesting aspect of MailRoom Madness is that you can move the elevators. This ability results in some great puzzles. There are only a couple of other items. Bombs which can dropped and destroy floors. There are tiles which can only be walked over once. Finally, reels can be pushed to fill holes and set off bombs.

MailRoom Madness comes with 70 levels. The level design is very good. Each level is rated for difficulty. The levels can be difficult but never unfair. There are a couple of very nice features which I want to mention. In case you make a misstep, you can undo. I am not sure how many steps are recorded. Also, you save your progress on any step. My only complaint is that you have to complete each level in order. If you are willing to edit your registry, you can get around this.

Reasonable games has a sequel More Mailroom Madness. It is a shareware games which includes several additional items, springs and lasers and whatnot.


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