Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mensa Challenge Your Brain Math & Logic Puzzles

Name: Mensa Challenge Your Brain Math & Logic Puzzles
Authors: Dave Tuller & Michael Rios
License: Commercial Book
Website: Amazon

Suppose you are on a trip with no laptop. Hmm... That is never going to happen. Ok, suppose there is a blackout, and you have no working computer and want to work on a few puzzles. What do you do? This week's entry is my suggestion if such a disaster ever happens.

Mensa Challenge Your Brain Math & Logic Puzzles is an excellent collection of logic puzzles. It contains 71 pages of challenges. If you are a Games Magazine regular, you will recognize many of the puzzle categories such as Battleships, Dominoes, and Nurikabe. There are also several puzzle types which I had not seen before. A couple of these new ones are described below.

The best thing about this book is that the quality paper and ink hold up well under erasing. At $7.95, this is a must add to your emergency disaster kit. In case that there are two blackouts, you might want to also get The Ultimate Clever Puzzle Book.


Draw a loop or corral around all of the numbered squares so that the number of squares within the corral which can be seen horizontally and vertically from each numbered squares equals that number.


Places lines between neighboring nodes in such a way that the number of edges coming out of each node equals the number within the node.

Square Routes

Find a path which passes through each square such that it travels straight through the gray squares and makes a turn at every orange square.

Spiral Galaxies

Divide the grid into regions so that each dot appears at the center of gravity of a region.


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