Saturday, March 14, 2009


Title: Transmover
Author: Polygon Gmen
License: Freeware

It has been almost three months since my last blog entry. Part busy, part no a game has grabbed me in a while. The busy part has not changed, but this week the game Transmover pulled me in and game lock ensued. It has all the requirements for a great puzzle game: simple rules, simple interface, and some really good puzzles. Transmover is a flash based browser game. Normally, I bundle up three such games to make one entry, but Transmover deserves its own entry.

Transmover is platform puzzle game. The goal in each level is to first obtain the key and then make your way to the exit. You move left and right along platforms, climb up and down ladders, and can jump down, but you can only climb up one block or stair at a time. To obtain the key and then get to the exit, you usually have build staircases, similar to Swistakowy Kloplot. Unlike Swistakowy Kloplot, you cannot pick up and place blocks. Instead, by shooting green blocks, you switch positions with the block, called a "transmove". The arrows move your character; the awsd keys shoot. To build a staircase, you have to move to where you want a block to be placed and shoot a green block which is to your left, right, up, or down. Simple rules, but they lead to some interesting puzzles.

To make things interesting, there are several special blocks. Some blocks are green on certain sides. These can only be transmoved when shot from certain sides. The tan blocks can only be transmoved once. The red blocks are destroyed when hit with a shot from your gun. There are special opaque platform and wall tiles which you can shot/transmove through, but cannot run through. The spinning red and blue tiles rotate the direction of your shots 90 degrees. I may be forgetting one or two other special tiles. Each special tile adds depth to the puzzles without adding unnecessary rules. The game designer of Transmover choose well which features to add.

There are 60 levels, split in to three groups. The first 20 levels introduce the various rules and special block types. A simple description is given for each new block along with an easy level which features the new block. The remaining 40 levels make up the heart of the game. There are some really good levels. The level design and pacing is excellent. Kudos to the level designer. I really enjoyed working through the levels. It was a joy to play this game with many a-ha moments. The best feature is that you can play any level at any time. Why other puzzle games do not do this is beyond me.

The interface, graphics, and audio are perfect for the game.

There is also a level editor and over 300 levels available from other players. These are bit of mixed bag. The one and only improvement I would like to see in Transmover is some sort of rating system for these user provided levels, or maybe an "editor's choice" selection of the 50 best.

Any regular reader of this blog should do themselves a big favor and play Transmover, right now.

Sorry to be gone for three months. I will return to putting out a new entry every week or two.


At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Nony said...

Looks like you got your wish with the special category for editor's picks, labelled as "popular." If you haven't looked lately, a bunch of new specialized blocks have been added, including brown and green men that mimic your movements. The green ones can be moved, but not the brown ones. There are doors that can be opened or closed by moving blocks into a special trigger square. There's a converyor belt square that moves or traps your character. There are sepecial colored squares that move your projectile to a completely new location, but firing in the same direction. Last, for now, are the connected squares, where you have to move entire sections at a time, or not at all. I don't think this is the end. There seem to be a few blank spots in the scenario editor for future developments. This could get interesting.

At 7:13 AM, Anonymous kamagra said...

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