Monday, September 22, 2008

Browser Games 11

Time for yet another trio of browser based logic/puzzle games. All three of these games are based on a simple idea, but nicely expanded out to an interesting game. The best puzzle games have the simplest rule set. The only downside to browser based games is that you have to put up with some ads.


Light-Bot is a simple programming game. The goal is to have the robot visit each blue square and turn on his light. You have to write a method (ah, these object oriented kids) for the robot which achieves this. To write this program, sorry method, you drag tiles which command the robot to move forward, turn left, turn right, jump, or toggle the light. The main method contains space for only 12 commands. The interesting twist is that you also have two functions which can contain up to 8 commands. You can then call those functions from the main command. You can also have one function call the other and even recursively call itself.


At first glance, Shift is just a platform game: jump over the spikes, get the key, and find your way to the exit. All true, but it have one twist. With one strike of the shift key, black becomes white and up becomes down. The whole games turns over. The implications are hard to understand at first. Even after completing all of the levels, I am not sure I fully understand this one.


Get the ball to the white exit tile. Your only tool: you can raise and lower the ground. Like any good ball, it rolls downhill. You can even get it roll faster raising more ground behind it. Throw in the usual arrows, teleporters, accelerate tiles, decelerate tiles, jump tiles and that is the game. Some levels require careful timing. Also, the ball can get stuck against a wall if you not careful. There is a large number of levels available which can be played in any order. Many levels are quite difficult.


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