Friday, November 09, 2007

MAC Logic Games

A little over a month a go, Tim at Independent Gaming gave a list of indy Mac Games. The Mac is not known for its gaming, but there are some good games for the Mac. I do own a Mac Mini (typing on it right now), and I had been thinking about doing the same thing. So, here it is, a little late. I ran through all of the games I have reviewed and checked which have Mac versions. I gave each a quick spin my Tiger just to make sure it runs.

Zep's Dreamland(review) (website)
Enigma(review) (website)
DROD(review) (website)
Kiki the Nano Bot(review) (website)
Robocode(review) (website)
TubeTwist(review) (website)
Rocks'n'Diamonds(review) (website)
Escape(review) (website)
Enigmo(review) (website)
StroQ(review) (website)
GNU Go(review) (website)
Simon Tatham's Puzzle Collection(review) (website)
Chocolate Castle(review) (website)
Lemmings(review) (website)
Step-by-Step(review) (website)
Zen Puzzle Garden(review) (website)
Gate(review) (website)

I particularly like the Mac version Simon Tatham's Puzzle Collection. It now contains three more games than when I reviewed it last year and used the Mac interface well. I have wasted a bit of time on it this week.

One disappointment, I could not get Lode Runner: The Legend Returns to run on my Mac Mini.

I do not know of any great Mac only puzzle games. There are some unique Dashboard puzzle widgets. I have had some fun with Twixt, DashBox, and ChessPuzzle.


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