Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Browser Games 8

I have been working hard to finish DROD: The City Beneath. It is kicking my butt. Maybe I am just getting old. In the mean time, here are a pair of physics based browser games to pass a few minutes.

Gravity Pods

A sharp aim is all that is needed. Pick a direction to send the rocket. The red gravity pods attract the rocket. The dots show the path your rocket took helping you line up a better shot next time. Latter levels require that you to place the gravity pods. There is a great deal of trial and error in


Arrange the position and angle to ramps to direct the ball to the bucket. Along the way, they add additional obstacles. First, there are the wholes which suck up passing balls. Later, these piranha things jump out of the water and capture the balls. Some levels require some careful timing to avoid them. Finally, some levels have helping hands which do not help at all. They capture balls and throw them the other way. Ramps comes with 33 levels which can be completed in an hour.


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