Friday, March 24, 2006

Browser Games 3

It is time for some more web browser based logic games. These are fun little games which take advantage of technologies such as Macromedia Flash and can be played right in your browser. This week I am going to mention three such games which I enjoyed playing. They share a few things in common. Each is relatively easy. No great challenges this week. And all three come with a relatively small number of levels. You can probably knock each off in one sitting and get a little personal morale boost.

Before getting to my picks, here are six sites which host browser based games.
There are a lot of games contained in these sites.


In Threesome, you have to move the three balls to the three "x" tiles. Standing in your way are a series of doors. To open a door, balls have to be positioned on tiles whose colors correpsond to each of the half doors. This requires two of the balls to work together so the third ball can pass through a door. It also requires some careful planning on your part. There are only 8 levels which is a shame.

Road Blocks

Road Blocks is a simple game. The goal is to get the white ball to one of the red exits. You use the arrow keys to start the ball in motion. A ball in motion will stay in motion until it hits a wall. However, if the ball leaves the playing area, you lose and the level restarts. Add in the blue teleporters and that is Road Blocks. There are only 22 levels with a password for each one. The levels are fairly easy and the pacing is not great, but it is still a fun game.


Blockdude is a little harder than other two. You control dude, I guess that is his name. Your goal is to get to the exit. To do this, you move the blocks around creating little staircases for yourself. You see, you cannot climb up more than one step at a time. You can carry one block at a time. There are only 14 levels, and they can get tricky. My only complaint about Blockdude is that it does not remember which levels you have completed nor does it have any password system. So you have to complete all 14 levels in one sitting.


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