Thursday, April 24, 2008

Browser Games 10

This is my tenth entry on browser based puzzle games. The best new puzzle games seem to be coming out more and more in this format. These flash based games lend themselves to simple interfaces, simple graphics, simple audio, and good puzzles. All it takes is a good idea for a puzzle game and a game designer/programmer can have a good game up and running in no time.

The downside to these games is the ads. To monetize these games, sites embed ads at the beginning of game while it is "loading" and around them on the web page. Some of these sites are quite garish. The web page ads can be dealt with using adblock plus, but you have to put up with the in game ads.

I do not really understand the economics behind this industry. The same game will appear at several sites with different ads. My understanding is that flash gaming sites such as addicting games and pay little or no money for non-exclusive use of a game. The sad part is that designer/programmer do not get much money. Of course, these sites probably are not a making a fortune either.

The other downside is that it easy to make flash based games. For every good game, there are several bad ones. Here are three good ones.

Puzzle Boy

This game is similar to Crazy Boxes. The goal is to get to the exit. Blocking the way are holes and turnstiles. The turnstiles pivot when pushed so long as nothing is blocking them. The holes can be filled using the yellow boxes which can pushed around sokoban-style. There are 30 levels which are divided into easy, medium, and hard. The levels are well designed and well paced.

Open Doors

Again, the goal is to get the exit. You are the square; the exit is the x. The doors move according the circular arcs similar to an architect's blueprint. You can open doors by pushing on them (walking into them). The twist is that you can also close doors behind you. The mechanics of closing doors takes a little getting used to. Whenever to step from square to another which share a pivot point and the door for that pivot point was next you, but not blocking the path you travelled, then you will pull the door behind you. There are 25 levels. After you get used to the mechanics of opening and closing doors, they are not too hard. But, that is not a complaint. This game shows how one simple idea results in great game which I really enjoyed playing.


Once again, get to the exit (the checkered tile). There are several special tiles. The simplest are the blue tiles. If you have clear shot to one, you can use your magnetic powers (i.e. hit the space bar) and be teleported there. Next up are the purple tiles which you pull towards you character to form bridges. In total, there are 50 puzzles which much complete in order. Every couple of levels a new tile type is introduced. Stepping on a question mark tile gives a brief description of the new tile. Later opposing robots are introduced which require some quick finger work and distract from the game. I wish I could have skipped those levels, but there are some good puzzles in here which make up for them.


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