Sunday, March 16, 2008

Browser Games 9

It is time for three more browser based puzzle games. All three games are played in a browser using Adobe Flash. Some of the best puzzle game ideas today are being published in this format. I have never developed a flash based game, but the tools are fairly easy to use. This makes it relatively easy to code up a game given a puzzle game idea.

Sola Rola

The goal is simple: get the red and blue balls to their respective homes (homes look like PC power switches). The problem is that your only tool is to rotate the board and allow gravity to do the rest. There are added complications: colored doors. Doors open temporary when one of the balls passes over the switch of the same color. The balls have to work together to achieve the goal. Other twists are added along the way. There are 48 levels which get progressively harder. There is also a fun little back story. A similar game is Circulate.


Kermix is a platform puzzler. The goal is to use the red squares to collect all of the coins and get one red square to each of the yellow exit squares. The catch is that the red squares move in unison. Each turn, you can either roll both to the right, roll both to the left, or have both jump up three spaces. When jumping, the red squares can pass through certain platform tiles and land on the next level. There are a couple of odd rules which you will learn about as you work through the 25 levels. For example, when a red square roll into a yellow square which has already been used, it falls through. Later levels add additions red squares and get much harder.

Hex Vex

Hex Vex is a really simple puzzler. The goal is to move each colored piece to its target hex. Usual rules: once a piece starts moving, it does not stop until it hits the edge of the board or another piece. Completing most levels requires a little planning, having certain pieces block for others. There are only 18 levels, and none are too hard. It is fun while it lasts.


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