Friday, October 14, 2005

Browser Games 2

This week, I want to mention three browser based logic games. They can be played right in your own web browser. This is my second trio of browser based games. Here is the previous entry. A good source for more is Good Experience Games.


Discovery Kids has several web based games aimed at kids. However, one of them, WhizzBall, is a lot of fun for us adults. It is a flash based game similar in spirit to The Incredible Machine. To solve a puzzle, you have to place the various items at the bottom of the screen on the grid so that when a ball is released from the funnel, it hits the target. The items include rollers, tubes, and catapults. Each has a different predictable effect on the ball. The puzzles are user designed. WhizzBall was released about two years ago, and there are now over 11,000 levels. The levels are rated in both quality and difficulty, which makes it easy to avoid the clunkers. I have had some trouble with this game in some browsers.


Cubeoban is another flash based game. The objective is to move each block onto a square with a dot of the same color. When you move a block, it keeps moving until it hits a wall or another block. You often have to be smart about using one block to provide the path for another block access to its dot. There are only thirty levels. If you want more, there is PC version called Blox Mania.

Hyper Frame

This one is a shockwave game. You have to connect pairs of like colored end points. The problem is that the paths cannot cross. Sometimes, you have to loop paths in strange ways to make room for other paths. There are 40 levels which get increasingly more difficult.


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