Friday, October 07, 2005


Title: SnakeSlider
Author: Bas de Reuver
License: Freeware

SnakeSlider is a fun little puzzler. In each level, you have to guide your buddy, the green snake, to the exit. Standing in your way are yellow snakes, wooden crates, and locked doors. You control the snakes, both green and yellow ones, by moving their head or tail into a vacant spot. The rest of the snake then slithers along freeing up the space formerly occupied by its other end. Snakes can push boxes out of the way and pick up keys to unlock doors. In the end, you have to figure out how to get the head of the green snake to the exit.

SnakeSlider comes with two puzzlesets. Each contains 25 levels. You can work on any puzzle at any time. Although there are a couple of tough levels, most are fairly easy. Still, I enjoyed working through the levels. This game has a certain cuteness to it. I know this might be the kiss of death, but this is a good game for the kids. And after completing all 50 levels, you get a little prize.

A level editor is included. It is a little clunky, but functional. One additional puzzleset with 20 levels is included.

One hint. There is a tricky rule which you need to be aware of, if a snake's head is adjacent to its tail, you can move the head into the spot occupied by the tail and essentially rotate the snake in place. This is quite useful in many levels.

There is a website listed on the "About" screen for the game, but I have never been able to connect to it. You can get the game at NoNags if you are a member. Otherwise, you will have to search for The current version is 1.1.


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