Saturday, July 09, 2005

Blox Fall

Title: Blox Fall
Author: Jimmy Games (no association to me)
License: Freeware

Every now and then, I run across a real gem and get excited. Blox Fall is one such gem. It is a puzzle game with a simple idea, intuitive interface, and crisp graphics. The goal of each puzzle is to remove all the colored blocks. You can move blocks left or right if space is available. Gravity then pulls them down. If two or more blocks of the same color end up adjacent, they annihilate each other. This can open up space, cause other blocks to feel the pull the gravity, and maybe result in some more annihilations.

The puzzles can be quite tricky. You often have to plan ahead to make sure that the blocks of each color meet up and get eliminated. There is no clock. So, you can take your time. When you realize you are stuck (it will happen), just hit the restart button.

There are 531 levels, divided into nine categories, ranging from "Childrens" to "Impossible". These impossible levels are not impossible, just really hard. The range of puzzles is quite good. There is something for everyone. Blox Fall keeps track of which ones you have solved and gives you access to all the puzzles (yeah!!!).

It would be nice if they had included a level editor, but 531 levels will satisfy most people. Also, an undo or take back button would be nice, but these are minor quibbles. I would highly suggest you download this one right now.

The idea for Blox Fall is not super original. There is an old DOS game called Brix which is similar. It is about 12 years old, but still runs fine on Windows XP. It is different in a couple of ways. First off each level has time limit. And, there are several other game items like elevators and transporters. Anyone who likes Blox Fall will probably also like Brix, and vice-versa.

There is also a shareware game Rings of the Magi which is quite similar to Blox Fall. The main difference here is that there is no gravity. Finally, there is a palm pilot game called Vexed which is the inspiration for Blox Fall.


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