Monday, June 13, 2005

Logical Stones

Title: Logical Stones
Author: Face5 Team and Neszt Tibor
License: Freeware

My first post is on a puzzle game called Logical Stones. This game has everything that a puzzle game should have: simple rules, unique idea, crisp graphics, clever puzzles, and the elusive a-ha effect.

The goal of each puzzle is simple enough. You have use your ship to push each of the blocks onto one of the "x" tiles. There are four types of blocks. Blue blocks can only be pushed. Red blocks can be used to push another block. Green blocks can be lifted (if there is space). Crystal blocks are delicate and will break if dropped too far. There are also the usual transporters, convey belts, and elevators.

The game includes 100 levels of increasing difficulty. The first set of 10 levels basically form a tutorial. The last set of 10 are quite hard. The level design in this game is wonderful. On several of them, I thought the level was impossible, but each had that eureka moment where I realized how to solve the level. Each time, it was a very rewarding feeling. There is a forum on their website in case you need a hint.

The levels are timed. However, you do not have to solve a level within the time limit in order to advance. You get extra credit for doing so.

The only thing missing is a level editor.

There is a newer version called Logical Stones 2004. It introduces a fifth (yellow) stone which can be dragged. It also includes an in-level save feature. A demo is available on their webpage.


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